3D Renders

Images or short animations of your idea, product or logo.

3D Modelling


Replacement models for that thing on your backpack, coffee-machine or bike that broke, and you can't find a replacement for.

Send me the measurements and get a 3D file for a replacement.

3D-printing and delivery is available in Denmark 🇩🇰


Quick and simple 3D models for...

  • Board game development, like game piece prototypes or board designs

  • Quick 3D sketches of your product idea or environment, to help visualize and make design decisions early.

Model portfolio

board game pieces

Other custom models

More available on


Minimalist websites

Need a cool and unique website for your project, event or yourself?

Hit me up to get a price and time estimate for me to cook up your idea.

Website Portfolio

File transfer with QR-codes

Interactive historic journal

Interactive data visualization

Webbased party-game framework

Flip-card book reviews

Personal portfolio website

Parallax art experiment (desktop only)

Python scripting

Have an idea for something you want to automate, or need a quick proof-of-concept for your showcase? Hire me to do the coding or to help you plan a way to develop your idea.

Most small-scale programming-related tasks I can hack together within a month.

I don't do stuff that require large-scale data collection or long-term maintenance.

Python Portfolio

Scene synchronizer Blender add-on


Joystick keyboard emulator

Artist consultant

Are you an artist seeking to incorporate technology or programming in your artwork? Hire me to help you achieve your idea cheaply and environmentally.


Hire me for presentations and introductory courses on the following subjects:

  • 3D modelling
  • Computer Science
  • Programming
  • Ethical AI use


Watch my free educational videos


hire me to record and edit specific videos for your needs.


My name is Adam and I am a freelance hacker, teacher and 3D designer.

I use my skills to help artists and small start-ups, and can be hired to create designs, or to assist in solving technical issues related to artistic projects.




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